General Radiology
Plain Film Radiology and Fluoroscopy (Barium Meals and Enemas) are still the mainstay of Medical Imaging. Plain Film Radiology is available at all Practice locations, Fluoroscopy at selected locations.

General X-rays can usually can be performed on a walk-in basis. If a report will be required at the time of the examination then ring prior to arrival to confirm this will be available. 

Ultrasound, due to its non-invasive nature, is increasingly used in Medical Imaging. As well as general ultrasound, colour Doppler ultrasound is used to image blood flow. Musculoskeletal studies allow real time imaging of joints, muscles and soft tissues. Specialised equipment for all these studies is available in most locations.

Diagnostic Mammography requires highly trained and experienced Imaging Technologists and Radiologists as well as specialised equipment. Examinations are often complemented by ultrasound or other additional procedures to aid diagnosis.

Computer Tomography (CT)
Spiral CT Scanning available at the Collins St and Sunshine Rooms. Generally Bookings for these procedures are required and may need special preparation (see FAQ).

OPG is a dental examination that uses standard Xrays where the machine rotates around the face. All branches offer OPG, except Altona Meadows.


CT Dentascan
CT Dentascan is a technique using CT scanning for evaluating the jaws prior to dental implant surgery. CT Dentascan is only available at the Collins St branch. Generally Bookings for these procedures are required. (see FAQ).